Sunny Day Shorts 2 Ways

You guys, it’s going to be hot forever. How did this Minnesotan end up in the freaking south?!  I have thick blood, I need early autumns and weather that doesn’t top 85 degrees. Instead I have 85% humidity and 95 degree weather.  The worst part is there are months of this weather left!  School starts soon and it just feels wrong to send the twerps off without light jackets and brand new jeans.

Well, J might not get jeans for the first day of school, but she did get a spiffy new pair of shorts she can wear. Spiffy culotte shorts actually.  If that last statement doesn’t make me sound like a grandma I don’t know what does.

A got some new shorts too. I  chose to do a more straight-forward color-blocked short with leather pockets.

I decided to use the free Sunny Day shorts pattern from Oliver + S. The Sunny Day shorts are perfect for this project. The fit is just right and the possibilities are endless with this basic pattern!

OK, let’s get started!!

BeFunky Design
**All of my pattern alterations are based on the sizes of my children. You may need to add a little more/less than I did in terms of length and width depending on your child’s size. The culottes were made in size 4T, and the color-blocked in size 2T.**


  • Culottes: 1 yard of lightweight fabric with nice drape. I used a cotton poly blend fabric with a silky feel. Rayon would also work nicely.
  • Color-blocked shorts: 3 different colored fabrics. I like twill, broadcloth, denim, and linen for boys shorts.
    • I bought 1 yard of the denim, ½ yard of the beige twill, and ¼ yard of faux leather for the shorts.
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger: To finish seams. A zig zag stitch, or pinking shears can be used if you don’t own a serger.
  • The free Sunny Day Shorts pattern from as well as instructions


Print off, cut and tape your pattern together as indicated.  Be sure to make all the following pattern alterations for both your shorts back and shorts front pieces.

All of your pattern pieces should look similar to the pieces in step 5.

If you would like to add ties cut two pieces that are 25 inches wide and 5 inches long and cut them to a point on one end as shown above.

Once you have cut all your pieces assemble exactly as the pattern directs until you attach the waistband. Before you attach your waistband you must sew and attach your ties.

Attach your waistband as indicated in the pattern. Before you insert your elastic follow step 9.

Are you still with me??  Good, because we have some boy shorts to make!


Attach your waistband, insert elastic and hem and you’re done!

After I sewed them up we took them out for a test walk, which is a crucial part of the sewing process.

IMG_4052 (1)

IMG_4046 (1)


J really loved that her shorts looked like a skirt.

IMG_4029IMG_4019IMG_4041 (1)IMG_3996 (1)IMG_4011IMG_4078IMG_4079IMG_4083



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