Mom funk is a blobfish

Ohhh the life of a SAHM.  It is a blessing and yet there are days when a mom funk creeps in.  If mom funk were a creature it would probably be a blobfish.

It would grow exponentially while covering everyone with it’s blobbyness and make everything seem unappealing except for chocolate.  Ever since my daughter broke her arm last Wednesday my motivation has dropped to zero.  Getting out of the house feels about as appealing as hugging a blobfish.  J doesn’t feel great and A is just at the age where any activity can go from enjoyable to horrible in 60 seconds.  The to do list is long this week because we’re going out of town. I’m torn because I want a clean house and laundry that’s clean and put away but I’m just going to have to do it all over again. Sewing is something I can complete.  There’s a start and a finish, and I feel accomplished when I’m done.

I mean I feel accomplished when I clean too, but then I feel like an uptight angry ferret when my kids drop pieces of cracker on my just mopped floor, or when they (gasp) get dressed and all I can think is there’s another freaking shirt I’m going to have to clean.  Can’t we all just be nudists?  I feel like that would solve a lot of world problems.
Anyway,  to combat the mom funk I’ve done some sewing. But this is only partially effective. Enter mom guilt.
See, when I sew I kind of tell my kids to go play or find something to do. Or I turn on Sophia.  Then a couple hours later I feel horrible because they are only going to be little once and why is it so hard for me to just set things that I want to do aside and play with them?? So many people ask me how I find time to sew and I imagine that they picture me sewing while simultaneously making my children organic baked goods out of vegetables and teaching them to read. The answer is… I ignore my to do list, turn on the tv for the kids, and frantically sew while getting interrupted at least 389 times. That’s how I find time to sew.
True confessions in this blog post, true confessions.  The good news is vacation is on its way and I can’t wait.  If I can manage to pack before we leave than we’ll be set.  The house doesn’t need to be spotless and the yard doesn’t have to be pristine for my family to go and have an awesome time.
Ok, here’s the stuff I sewed.
First up is a little 0-3 month size geranium dress.  I saw a cute dress at gap that had ruffle sleeves that extended down below the bodice so I tried to recreate that.  It was kind of tricky. My seam ripper got a workout but I love this cute little dress.  I’m going to give it to a friend who is having a baby girl soon.

I made this dress out of 2 old button down shirts that my husband didn’t need anymore.  The fabric is super soft and really high quality, perfect for a little baby.

I chose some wooden heart buttons from my stash.

When I showed my husband the inside of this dress he asked me if it was reversible and I said “Nope, not reversible. I’m just a freaking sewing genius” which may have been a slight exaggeration, but still look at that finishing!

Ok, ok, I know you want to see it inside out. You don’t have to twist my arm!

A few days ago I made a quick raglan tee for J with scrapes.  It was fast and easy and raglan tees are fun. The end.

Even more than a few days ago I found a sleeveless see-through dress at Goodwill in a super cute floral print. I grabbed it and turned it into this dress for J.

It was a pretty quick sew. I had to recut the bodice from the existing bodice because I hate sewing button holes.  Then I had to line it. The skirt was lined already with a navy jersey knit. So I did the same with some jersey I had on hand.

And that’s all I’ve got.  I hope you’re all having a very funkless summer and that your laundry magically get’s folded by little laundry elves when you sleep.

3 thoughts on “Mom funk is a blobfish

  1. Oh the mom guilt. I have struggled with this more the last few months than ever before! If I play too much I feel guilty about the state of the house. If I clean too much I feel guilty I neglected my kids. If I hobby too much I feel like I neglected both the cleaning and the kids and if I hobby too little I feel unaccomplished. And I think I have a funk day at least once a week. But anyway, your sewing is amazing. It inspires me to want to make something. Anything.


  2. I love this post. It’s exactly how I feel everyday as also a stay-at-home mom who sews. And I think you are a freaking sewing genius with that dress!


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