It’s gonna be a hot, hot, hot, hot summer

Every time we go to Costco there is a sales woman who sells HVAC services and she loves to say over and over “It’s gonna be a hot, hot, hot, hot summer” sometimes while wearing a large fur coat just to send the message home. She sits right by the tables where we eat our giant pieces of pizza. It wouldn’t be a true Costco experience without her.

In other news, one of our brand spanking new AC units has been acting up, and it couldn’t get cooler than 80 in the front of our house for more than a week.  The unit for the bedrooms worked great and that, fortunately, is where my sewing machine is.  So to escape the heat I decided to sew up some fabric I had in my stash.

Why is it sooooo hard to use up old fabric?  I know I bought it and loved it once but I just have so little love for it now.  All the really good stuff gets used right away. I almost never buy fabric to save for later.  But, I’m trying to resist the call of the fabric store so busting my stash needed to happen.

I’d been interested in making this free forget me knot dress pattern for years.  It’s a great pattern.  I made it in a medium weight jersey rayon and it was a little too heavy and a little too stretchy.  The pattern would have fit J better if it had just been made from a regular cotton or something. Regardless, J is pretty happy with it.

For the skirt I was inspired by this dress from Merrick’s Art.  The forget me knot dress has knots in the sides of the skirt which I nixed and did a tiered gathered skirt instead.  Now I just need to make a tiered dress for myself ; )

J especially loves the twirl factor.


Next up was a button down shirt for A. I used the Sketchbook shirt from Oliver + S in a 2T.  I decided to go with short sleeves and the collarless option.  I used an old shirt a friend gave me.  I can barely squeeze out a 2T from a man’s button down shirt so I think I’ll make a few more of these with some of Michael’s old shirts.  I don’t even have to buy buttons.


I love the look of this shirt with the contrasting strip pocket.  Making button down shirts is so satisfying.  It forces me to slow down with all the top stitching and notch matching. I almost never cut out notches in most patterns but with these shirts I have too.  The result is really nice and professional looking, I think.  

Finally, I made J another dress that she could wear to church. I really love how this one turned out.  It was a spur of the moment decision the next morning that I whipped up before we went swimming in the afternoon.  It’s her favorite too.  This is an Oliver + S ice cream dress. One of my favorite patterns.  The scallop hem was my own addition.

Love those cute knobby knees.
She can even ride a bike in it ; )

She’s wearing a 4T which is plenty roomy, but somewhat sad because next year she’ll have sized out of this pattern : (

Hopefully I’ll get to a few more projects done for my kiddos soon.  I’m brain storming ideas for the 4th next. What are you working on?

Happy sewing!


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