Springtime Sewing

I decided to try and make most of J’s spring/summer clothes this year (and maybe a few things for her brother).  Boy clothes are so much more meticulous, and I can only make so many shorts, and t-shirts so J will get a more homemade wardrobe.  I still have a long way to go. Here are the first outfits I finished for her.
This dress is a modified Oliver + S Class Picnic top.  I lengthened it by 7 or 8 inches, added pockets, and added bell sleeves.  I love this dress so much and I really want to make one for myself.  The fabric is 100% rayon I found from Joann’s. It’s super soft and very lightweight.


I think one of the most challenging things about sewing clothes is making them look trendy and sophisticated.  It’s so easy to fall into the cutesy homemade department.  I try to stay away from that at all costs.  My favorite compliment is when someone says “that is so cute, where did you buy it from?”.  It’s hard to achieve that though.  I think this dress hits the mark pretty well. After a few attempts at bell sleeves, I realized that trendy store bought dresses had loose fitting bell sleeves.  Fitted bell sleeves look like something you would wear to a renaissance festival.
Does this ever happen to you?  You have a vision for a cute trendy piece of clothing, but the finished product looks dated or too cutesy?  The first couple of bell sleevey things I made did look like they were for a renaissance festival but I think this dress works.





The next clothing item was a spur of the moment romper.  I used the flutter sleeve free romper pattern from It’s Always Autumn.  It’s a great pattern.  I just added a bit more wiggle room when cutting the pattern because I used a woven instead of a knit.
Fabric and trim are from Hobby Lobby.






Hopefully I’ll get some more sewing done now that the weather is really heating up!  I have a lot more to finish for her and her brother.

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