Easter was so fun this year.  We spent it at home and it was pretty low key.  J was old enough to really anticipate the holiday and look forward to it.  Growing up, the Easter Bunny would string yarn all over the house.  When we woke up we would wind up the ball of yarn and at the end of the string would be our baskets. Well, the easter bunny carried on the tradition for the first time this Easter ; ). J loved it, A was confused.
I had a lot of fun sewing Easter outfits.  It’s so fun to have a boy and girl to coordinate!  I picked up the fabric for these outfits from hobby lobby.
Do you ever make something and really not care for it until you put it on your kid and suddenly looks a million times better?  That happened to me. I actually really didn’t like J’s dress when I finished sewing it. She picked the fabric out and it was not something I would have chosen. But, it turned out cute, and most importantly she loves.


J got a Fairytale dress with the sleeve option. I didn’t do those sleeves quite right. I forgot to gather them! This is a 3T but with length added to the bodice and skirt.  She’s a petite little girl.


I think A looks so darling in his Oliver + S museum vest and trousers. I cut the 18-24 month size, and it fit just right.  I did make the trousers a bit slimmer in the leg.


I sewed a dress for myself too. See earlier post.  I’m happy with the fit, but it looks a little bridemaids-y.


I also altered the pants Michael is wearing in this photo. Easter sewing for all!






Shortly after Easter I got working on a pioneer dress for myself.  I used Simplicity pattern 3723.  This year Michael and I are going to be a “Ma & Pa” for our church’s youth trek. Basically we go out in the middle of nowhere, dress up like pioneers, and pull handcarts for 4ish days to honor our Mormon pioneer ancestors.  I’m excited to spend some time with the young men and women in our ward/stake.  Not as excited about some other aspects of the trek ; ). Making a fun pioneer dress helped me get in the spirit though.  It’s going to get dirty, smelly, and gross but at least I won’t feel too frumpy wearing a dress and bonnet made to fit me.




And that’s all! I hope you all had a great Easter!

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