A couple weeks ago we went on a weeklong Disney World extravaganza!  We have to miss out on some upcoming extended family vacations and so we decided to do something fun with just our family.  It was awesome, exhausting, and amazing all wrapped up into one week.  It was also Michael’s birthday and it was just a really fun way to celebrate.  Here’s some (or 50) pictures from our trip.
We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot (my favorite), and Hollywood Studios.
On the monorail to the Magic Kingdom!
 This picture captures the mood of the entire week.  Everyone was happy to be there, except A. Thanks to Michael’s sister Kimberly for making our matching shirts! And thanks to my friend Sara for J’s bows and our matching necklaces!  J was really into the accessories and I don’t think she went one day without wearing the necklace for part of the day.
The parks were so busy so this little boy couldn’t get out of the stroller and walk much. But every so often I appeased him : ) 
Sitting in Pooh’s house waiting for the ride. Michael always takes the best pictures.
I just love this picture of J!
At Animal Kingdom!
That macaw could talk and sing “You are my Sunshine”. So cool!
A was not a fan of the shark mouth.
But he did love every park and play place disney had to offer.  This one was at Epcot.
After 4 straight days at the park we took a break and went to the beach.  It was so fun, but extremely cold.
A didn’t love the beach.  He was so scared of the water and the sand and the seagulls that would fly around his head.  In his defense he had a cold and probably felt crummy and tired, poor kid.
J loved it.
Michael captured this lovely picture of me.
J slowly took off layer after layer.  It’s like the girl couldn’t even feel the cold. She just wanted to splash in the ocean so much.
Pretty soon she was down to her swimsuit, completely shivering but so happy.
Driving out of the national park we saw 2 alligators in the canals on either side of the road. We were so excited to see some in the wild, especially from the safety of our car.
Jane met every. single. disney. princess.  All of them.
 Michael and Anders saving our spot for the fireworks show.  We waited to watch the firework show our last day in Orlando. We had the best spot and it was such an amazing way to end our trip.


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