Thanksgiving and a bit of Christmas

How was your Thanksgiving?  We went to Las Vegas with my family.  We ate a ton, and walked even more.  I loved being with my family all together.  The only thing I would change is my caffeine intake.  I seriously did not drink enough diet coke on this trip.  Vacations with two kids is no joke and with the amount of walking (and child wrangling) we did on this trip I was tired enough to fall asleep at 8:00 or earlier almost every night.  I kind of missed out on adult time because I would lay down while I was waiting for the kids to go to bed and then completely fall asleep.  

Before our trip I did some sewing for the kids who desperately need some new clothes.  Good thing Christmas is right around the corner ; )

I bought some new patterns for my birthday in October and one of them might be my new favorite shirt pattern. This raglan tee pattern from Oliver + S is so great. The fit is perfect, directions are clear. It comes together so quickly, just 30 mins from cutting the fabric to having a finished shirt.

My kids have reached a funny point in their growth where they are the same size for most patterns. Jane has the height of a 4 year old and the girth of an 18 month old.  Anders is the 18-24 month size, so I just cut up the 18-24 months and added length to the hem and sleeves for Jane.

Maroon sleeves for A, Mustard for J.  

 A got a wonky pocket on his, I was too lazy to take it off and sew it back on. To do that would have taken as much time as it did for me to make the entire shirt.  

Jane kind of got an entire new wardrobe.  I made her a couple skirts and several tops. 

 This aztec print circle skirt was my favorite.

This top was made using the anytime tee pattern that I’ve grown to love.  I cut it wide and added a gathered peplum.  I rolled the sleeves and tacked them down. It was fast and it’s one of her favorites.

The little pencil skirt was kind of an accident.  There wasn’t enough fabric to make a gathered skirt.  I cut this out and sewed it up, but thought a 4 year old in a pencil skirt would be ridiculous.  Not exactly an outfit you could where to the park (or anywhere when you’re 4). But, Jane put it on and it looked much cuter and more comfortable than I thought.

I made her the stripped top below to match one I made for myself.  I struggle with making clothes for myself.  I never love them in reality as much as I do in my head.  I’ve worn my matching top once. The fit it good, but the sleeves are very ruffley.  I might just cut them off and hem the sleeves so it’s a normal top.

This last week was the tree lighting at my husbands work.  He was one of the people in charge of the night and it was a lot of fun.  There was a local ballet that preformed to the nutcracker, a middle school band, and we got to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus at the end.

J was really excited to meet Santa and amazingly enough A was cool with it all.  He has always liked guys.  He’ll go to a complete stranger if he’s male.

She asked Santa for one thing, a power wheel car.  Hopefully Santa’s elves get on that because it’s apparently the ONLY thing she cares about.

I’ve started on some last minute christmas sewing.  It’s becoming my most consistent Christmas tradition with myself.  Last minute sewing.  The first project with the tree skirt below.  Which I just kind of like.  I didn’t go into it planning to make a quilted tree skirt, but that’s what happened. I’m not a good quilter and it’s not quite my vision, but it works and I’ll probably like it a lot more next year when I’ve forgotten what a pain it was to make.

Now for some christmas pajamas, 2 advent calendars, and a couple of gifts.  What are you making for Christmas?

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